DIY-Simple Water Level Indicator With Water Flow Signal for Just 50rs/1$
DIY-Simple Water Level Indicator With Water Flow Signal for Just 50rs/1$

How to make a water level indicator to save water from overflowing with Motor Dry run prevention. A water level indicator is used to show the level of water in an over head tank. This keeps the user informed about the water level at all times and avoids the situation of water running out when […]

Android mobile G-sensor controlled Robo car via Bluetooth||2017

Hi friends video show you how to control a robocar with Gravity sensor (G-Sensor) of your smartphone. This car is controlled by Bluetooth, you can control with g-sensor or joystick control. Its very simple to make. Joystick can be operated in the normal mode by moving the slider with your finger. Hardware Required:- 1. Arduino […]

Homemade Thermocol/Foam cutting Machine.

Thermocol/Foam/styrofoam cutting with normal cutter is one of the oldest method. nowadays there are many tools available. to get more accurate finishing people use heater blades. With this cutter you can easily cut Thermocol, styrofoam or any other similar material with better speed and better sensitivity. I am using fuse wire but Nichrome will be […]

How to Check remote is working good or not using android mobile.

A simple trick. See the LED in front of the command through the camera of a mobile phone. Will see that through the camera can see the LED to turn on and off. In certain cameras of iphones this trick does not work. The explanation for this phenomenon is the sampling rate of the camera […]

How to configure submersible pump starter with Auto Cut-off function.

The video shows how to configure your Submersible pump motor with auto cut-off function.(Semi automatic function). Normally in all single phase submersible pump we have to press start switch for two second to switch on the pump. and wait till the tank is filled and then we have to press stop button to stop the […]

DIY – High Torque PCB Drilling Machine using DC motor.

DIY – How to make A mini handy PCB Drill at home very simple Needed materials;- 1. DC Motor (removed from Old Tape recorder for High Torque) 2. Mini Drill Chuck or coupler 3. 1mm Drill bit. 4. Adapter 5 Volt 1A for power supply. Follow us in :-

Solar power Mobile Charger

How to make a solar phone charger. A DIY charging station and usb solar charger great for charging phones. Very simple and homemade and great for science fair or solar projects. components:- 1k resistor -1 10uf 10v capacitor – 1 100uf 20v capacitor – 1 0.1uf(104) – 2 Heatsink – 1 7805 voltage regulator -1 […]

how to check tubelight Electronic choke is working good or not!

In this video shows how to check the tube light Electronic choke is working good or not. A electronic choke is connected to the test lamp. If the choke is working good the test lamp will glow. If the choke is not working the test lamp will not glow. Follow us in :-

what is inside contactor and how to test contactor working good or not !

The video is showing the basic function of a contactor. The contactor is very common in tanning beds since they can switch big electrical power with a much smaller electrical power. This means that a electronic board can control lots of amps through these contactor, also known as relays. Most motor applications require the use […]

How to earn money by simply browsing (monthly min 350rs).

Earn money by simply browsing in a meta browser. Simple steps watch ful viedo till end. Follow us in :-

Download Unlock Root Pro Cracked for Free (Latest Full Version)

If you want all the juice out of your Android device, I think you should root your device. In this post, I’m focusing on a simple, easy-to-use software called the ‘Unlock Root Pro‘ to make the process of rooting much easier. However, you can also download Unlock Root Pro for free. 😀 Rooting your device […]

How to create a free Website with WordPress||Free domain||Free hosting lifetime .(latest 2017).

Create Free website free Domain + Hosting unlimited for life time 2017 new trick updated Redirect to the websites:- Follow us in :-

How to use your Android phone as touch screen for PC or Laptop

Your old phones and tablets don’t have to become e-waste. They can do real work as repurposed sidekicks for your PC. Think of them as bonus touchscreen displays and you’ll begin to see the possibilities. They just need to be plugged in, wiped of unneeded apps and notifications, and they’re ready to serve as desktop […]

Should Your Phone be Plugged in Overnight? || How to make a Mobile charger with timer control.

It’s an issue that has plagued humanity since the dawn of the mobile phone. We use our trusty pocket computers so much that they rarely get through a day with any power left. Many of us plug them in at night and fall asleep, content in the knowledge that we’ll wake up to a fully […]

How to use android mobile as PC web cam

How to Use an Android Phone As a Webcam For PC Via USB Downloads 1. Droidcam app Download in Playstore 2. Droidcam Client software  —   Download 3. ADB Driver Software       —  Download If the download link doesn’t work use https:// instead of http:// Follow us in :-

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